Audit & Assurance Services

We take care of the audit requirements of our clients by providing auditing and assurance services by adopting best of industry standards. Our experienced team evaluates the efficacy of the internal compliance mechanism of our clients and ensure that all reporting requirements are complied with.

Services Provided


  • Statutory audit for corporate and non-corporate entities.

The audit reports are prepared strictly in accordance with rules and regulations defined by Government

  • Tax Audits for Direct and Indirect Taxes as may be stipulated by the Central and State Governments.
  • Bank Audits -
  • Statutory Audit

Statutory Bank Audit is prescribed by Reserve Bank of India. Besides Statutory Bank Audit the scope also involves Tax Audit Under Income Tax Act.

  • Concurrent Audit

Concurrent audit is a parallel examination of the financial transactions .It is a part of an early warning system of a Bank for the ensuring timely detection of irregularities.

  • Revenue Audit

Revenue audit of a bank branch is the audit of items governing income & expenditure of banks. The audit is conducted with a view to verify the accuracy, relevance of expenditure incurred & Incomes earned by the banks according to applicable latest notification and circulars

  • Stock Audit

Stock audit is an area of specialisation. Stock and physical assets such as raw materials are critical and real assts and needs systematized management. We aim at delivering a focused service to companies to keep their physical assets check intact.

  • Internal Audits

The scope of internal audit is not just limited to examining the processes and controls in an organisation. It provides value by identifying risks, leveraging synergies, monitoring and providing early warnings of new risk and improving the processes and efficiency of the organisation. We help our clients in achieving more from their business.

  • Information System Audit

Information Systems Audit involves examination of management control within an Information Technology Infrastructure. Organisations are moving to a risk based audit approach which is used to assess risk and helps to make the decision whether to perform compliance testing or substantive testing.


  • Due Diligence

Financial due diligence is a crucial part of any transaction. Our aim is to enable the entrepreneurs and decision makers to make good decisions with great confidence at every stage. We aim at eliminating the risk and potential flaws of investing at domestic and international level.

  • Operational Audit

It focusses on the analysis of the operation processes and practices. It helps in identifying areas which are not adhering to the business policies, regulations and legal requirements.

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